Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Carlos Gonzalez - Man in the Midfield for Sophomore Year

 Carlos Gonzalez a 2016 graduate from Wood River High in Hailey Idaho has signed his National Letter of Intent to play his second season for Western Wyoming Community College.

Carlos had a great freshman season for the Mustangs accruing the following stats; 12 Shots, 1 Goal, 3 Assists, 15 Fouls, 18 Starts and 48 Halves Played.  Carlos played in every half of every match during the 2016 fall season.
Gonzalez is a midfielder who saw the majority of his playing minutes as an outside midfielder.  But Carlos has the creativity to play as an attacking midfielder and the scoring poise to be a forward if needed.  

Carlos is a History Major at Western Wyoming Community College has done a good job getting the most of his college opportunities with the WWCC History department.  Carlos has traveled with the History Department to San Fransisco and completed various presentation, awards and research projects.

On the pitch Carlos uses great vision, precise passing and a never ceasing engine.  Carlos was an integral part of the 2016 midfield and is the only returning member of the top 6 midfielders from 2016.  Carlos will need to be a leader in both action and in word for a young but very talented group of midfielders who will be joining the ranks of the Western Wyoming Soccer midfield.

The spring 2017 scrimmage season was good for Carlos.  Gonzalez played a lot of minutes in every scrimmage that we had including our inter-squad scrimmage.  In the spring Carlos had 2 goals.  He played much of his time as an attacking midfielder.

As we look forward to the fall 2017 season we know that Carlos will come to play for the Red Desert Mustangs.  Western is so excited to bring back Gonzalez with his talents and cannot wait to see what he can do for the squad during his sophomore campaign.  Congratulations Carlos and good luck on a successful second year at Western both on and off of the soccer field.