Thursday, September 21, 2017

Road Win for Mustangs in Powell

On Wednesday in Powell WY the Mustangs squared off against the Trappers of Northwest College in a crucial Region IX North match.

In a very even match up the Mustangs did a good job of trying to find possession will still going forward and varying their attack against the NWC defense.  After some close calls especially early on in the match the Mustangs were the first team to find a goal, when in the 37th minute Colton Harrison scored a header off of a Jesse Lopez.  The Harrison goal was enough for the Mustangs to have a 1 to 0 lead at the break.

In the second half not much changed as WWCC continued to spread the ball around the field and made it difficult for NWC to find space offensively.  Joe Venhaus made 7 saves for the Mustangs in the shutout win for him.  WWCC scored an insurance goal in the 77th minute when Jesse Lopez passed a ball to Javier Arvayo who muscled his way past the NWC defender and beat the NWC keeper.  The final score of 2 to 0 improves the WWCC record to 4 - 5 - 1 and 2 - 1 - 1 in Region IX North play.

Mustang Man of the Match: Jesse Lopez who assisted on both goals in the match.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 16, NWC 14; Assists - WWCC 2, NWC 0; Saves - WWCC 7, NWC 5; Corner Kicks - WWCC 3, NWC 5; Free Kicks - WWCC 14, NWC 12; Cards - WWCC 1, NJC 1.

Up Next for the Mustangs; Friday September 22nd vs Gillette College in Rock Springs WY at Rock Springs High - Region IX North match

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Early Lead Not Enough for WWCC versus NJC

On Saturday the Mustangs hosted the Plainsmen from Northeastern Junior College.  This is the fourth time these two teams have faced off in the past 2 seasons with one more match scheduled.

Unlike most of the other matches in this series the WWCC Mustangs got on the board first.  In the second minute the Mustangs crossed a ball into the box and a NJC defender unintentionally kicked the ball into his own goal for an own goal.  NJC had to come out of their defensive shape and shell down a goal and found two first half goals to take a lead.  The NJC goals came in the 20th and 30th minute.  The score after 45 minutes of play was NJC 2 and WWCC 1.

Western's offense was asked to find a goal or two in the final 45 minutes.  The Mustangs possession was good in the second half but the creativity and the speed of play was not good or fast enough to break down the NJC defense.  The score at the end of the match was still NJC 2 and WWCC 1.  The loss makes the 2017 Mustang record 3 - 5 - 1.

Mustang Man of the Match: Joe Venhaus - Joe had 8 saves on the day.  Without him the score would have been a lot worse.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 9, NJC 14; Assists - WWCC 0, NJC 2; Saves - WWCC 8, NJC 5; Corner Kicks - WWCC 1, NJC 3; Free Kicks - WWCC 14, NJC 21; Cards - WWCC 2, NJC 2.

Up Next for the Mustangs; Wednesday September 20th vs Northwest College at Powell WY - Region IX North match. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Mustangs Tame Cougars in Rock Springs

On Friday in Rock Springs the Western Wyoming Mustangs hosted the Western Nebraska Cougars in a Region IX match up.

The Western Nebraska team is a very good offensive team with a lot of good athletes on the field.  The Mustangs did a great job keeping the ball and the Cougars in front of them in the first half.  Western Wyoming had 7 shots in the first half but the WNCC defense kept them from finding the back of the net also.  So, after 45 minutes of play the score was tied at 0 to 0.

The scoring in the second half started with WWCC goal in the 50th minute.  Josh Abplanalp scored the goal after Gary Lopez assisted from a well placed chipped ball.  A second goal for the Mustangs came in the 81st minute when Briston Lowell flicked on a headed ball around midfield which Josh Abplanalp took towards goal and beat the WNCC keeper on the near side.  The Cougars scored a goal in the 83rd minute to bring the score closer but the WWCC defense held strong in the final 7 minutes to secure the 2 to 1 victory.  The win brings the Mustang record up to 3 - 4 - 1 on the 2017 season.

Mustang Man of the Match: Josh Abplanalp for his brace (2 goals) to help win a great match against WNCC.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 13, WNCC 21; Assists - WWCC 2, WNCC 1; Saves - WWCC 9, WNCC 6; Corner Kicks - WWCC 2, WNCC 3; Free Kicks - WWCC 11, WNCC 9; Cards - WWCC 3, WNCC 2.

Up Next for the Mustangs; Saturday September 16th vs Northeastern Junior High in Rock Springs WY at Rock Springs High.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mustangs Shut out LCCC

On Wednesday in Rock Springs WY at Crossroads Park the WWCC Mustangs continued their longest rivalry when they hosted the LCCC Golden Eagles. 

The first match in the 2017 season for these two teams was a classic.  Western did a great job of using the wide areas of the field in the first half and had the lion’s share of the chances and possession.  The first break through was for the Mustangs in the 38th minute when Josh Abplanalp headed a Joe Venhaus goal kick towards Jesse Lopez.  Jesse calmly slotted the ball past the LCCC goalie for a 1 – 0 Mustang lead.  The lone goal would be the only scoring in the second half and after 45 minutes the WWCC Mustangs took a one-goal advantage into the break.

In the second half LCCC did a good job of stopping the ball from getting into wide areas and forced WWCC to play more direct.  LCCC played with a lot of aggression and passion but could not get past the back line of the Mustangs or Joe Venhaus in goal for WWCC.  Both Joe Venhaus and Danny Becerra made stops from shots from LCCC to keep the shutout for the Mustangs.  In the 86th minute Ramon Aparicio was fouled in the penalty box by a LCCC defender.  Ramon stepped up and converted the penalty kick for the Mustangs.  The Mustang lead was doubled to 2 – 0.  The match would end with the same WWCC advantage.  The win improves the WWCC record to 2 – 4 – 1 and 1 – 1 – 1 in Region IX North.  This also marks the first shutout of the year for the Mustangs and the first team that WWCC has shutout LCCC in Rock Springs.

Mustang Man of the Match: Josh Abplanalp for his assist and unselfish play - making so many runs.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 13, LCCC 17; Assists - WWCC 1, LCCC 0; Saves - WWCC 5, LCCC 6; Corner Kicks - WWCC 11, LCCC 3; Free Kicks - WWCC 14, LCCC 12; Cards - WWCC 1, LCCC 2.

Up Next for the Mustangs; Friday September 15th vs Western Nebraska in Rock Springs WY at Rock Springs High.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mustangs Fight Back to Draw Versus Gillette

On a very hot day in Gillette WY the WWCC Mustangs faced off for the first time with Region IX opponent Gillette College Pronghorns.  The match was pretty wild with a very aggressive GC team and a WWCC team trying to find its identity.  Gillette scored first in the 6th minute.  Briston Lowell scored a goal in the 15th minute to even the score off of a Josh Abplanalp assist.  The Pronghorns scored in the 24th minute off of a penalty kick.  The Mustangs again scored to even the match when Jesse Lopez converted on a beautiful free kick from around 28 yards out in the 29th minute.  Again the Pronghorns scored to take the lead in the 43rd minute.  Gillette took a 3 to 2 lead into the halftime break.

In the second half the Mustangs made the adjustments to make the Pronghorns more one dimensional.  WWCC added a tying goal from Briston Lowell in the 80th minute from a Jesse Lopez assist.  The last 10 minutes of regulation were good for the Mustangs as they created a couple of chances but were not able to finish any.  After 90 minutes of play the score was tied 3 to 3 and the two teams headed into NJCAA Sudden Victory Overtime periods.

In the extra 20 minutes neither team was able to score a goal and the match was called a draw after 110 minutes.  The tied helps the Mustangs to a 1 - 4 - 1 overall record and a 0 - 1 - 1 record in Region IX North play.
Mustang Man of the Match: Jesse Lopez for a goal, an assist and great midfield play.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 20, GC 12; Assists - WWCC 2, GC 2; Saves - WWCC 7, GC 5; Corner Kicks - WWCC 10, GC 5; Free Kicks - WWCC 21, GC 14; Cards - WWCC 1, GC 6.

Up Next for the Mustangs; Wednesday September 13th vs LCCC in Rock Springs WY at Crossroads Park

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sheridan comes back late in match

The Mustangs were on the road to start their 2017 Region IX North campaign in Sheridan WY against the Generals of Sheridan College.  The Mustangs seemed to fix most of their defensive woes when the scoreboard read zero for both teams.

In the second half the Mustangs scored the opening goal when Briston Lowell scored a beautiful header off of a Colton Harrison assist from a corner kick.  The WWCC lead of 1 to 0 in the 48th minute would not last for the remainder of the half.  Sheridan College came out of their defensive shell and their fast counter attacking style caught Western off guard twice, SC goals were scored in the 63rd and 79th minute for Sheridan to take a 2 to 1 lead.  The Generals added an insurance goal off of a penalty kick in the 88th minute as the Mustangs struggled to created offensive chances and shots on the SC goal.  The loss brings the WWCC overall record down to 1 - 4 - 0 and the Region IX record to 0 - 1 - 0.
Mustang Man of the Match: Briston Lowell - for good offensive play and a beautiful header.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 12, SC 9; Assists - WWCC 1, SC 1; Saves - WWCC 3, SC 8; Corner Kicks - WWCC 5, SC 4; Free Kicks - WWCC 7, SC 8; Cards - WWCC 0, SC 1.

Up Next for the Mustangs; Saturday September 9th at Gillette College in Gillette WY

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

"Snow"ball effect in 2nd Half

The match play on Tuesday night at the Rock Springs High Tiger turf started to look like a nice match up between the visiting Snow Badgers and the home standing Western Wyoming Mustangs.  Both keepers made good saves for their teams, Daniel Pelayo made the start for Joe Venhaus who was serving a 1 match suspension after a red card in the match at SLCC.  WWCC's Colton Harrison broke the tie in the match when he collected a ball about 25 yards out and kicked it perfectly over the Snow keeper and under the bar in the 42nd minute.  The Harrison goal stood for a Mustang 1 - 0 halftime lead.    

The second half was a different story for the two teams.  As Snow struck twice for goals in the first 10 minutes to take a lead.  Daniel Pelayo the starting keeper for the Mustangs was injured on the Snow College second goal and would not return for the remainder of the match.  Danny Becerra was asked to step into the role of keeper, for his first real game action as keeper in his 2 year WWCC career.  The change to an emergency keeper and moving Becerra out of the back four was disastrous for the Mustang defense.  Snow added 8 more goals in the second half and defeated the Mustangs 10 - 1 on the day.  The loss was the most goals WWCC had allowed in a half and a game.  It also marks the worst defeat in WWCC Men's soccer history.  The loss brings the 2017 WWCC record to 1 - 3 - 0.  The Mustangs will need to provide some answers for their defense in the coming matches in order to compete for the Region IX North title.

Mustang Man of the Match: Danny Becerra, not only played outstanding defense for the Mustangs but filled in as an emergency keeper.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 10, SC 30; Assists - WWCC 0, SC 9; Saves - WWCC 11, SLCC 9; Corner Kicks - WWCC 0, SC 0; Free Kicks - WWCC 11, SC 10; Cards - WWCC 0, SC 0.

Up Next for the Mustangs; Friday September 8th at Sheridan College in Sheridan WY

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

#20 SLCC Takes Advantage of WWCC Miscues

On Tuesday at the Taylorsville UT campus of SLCC the Western Wyoming Mustangs played against the SLCC Bruins.  The two teams had played in a scrimmage less then 2 weeks earlier in Rock Springs.

The first half for the Mustangs was played very well and created some chances on the Bruin goal.  However one miscommunication between the WWCC back line have SLCC a sliver of an opportunity which they converted to take a 1 to 0 halftime lead.

The final 45 minutes of the match were not good for the Mustangs.  SLCC scored shortly after the halftime break to completely change the game plan of the Mustangs.  Bad changed to worse in the 49th minute when SLCC was awarded a penalty kick which they finished to take a commanding 3 to 0 lead.  Sadly for the Mustangs SLCC was given another penalty kick in the 57th minute and WWCC keeper Joe Venhaus received his second yellow card and was ejected from the match.  So, down by four goals and only playing with 10 men the Mustangs did not mount much more of an attack on the SLCC defense.  The Bruins added a final goal in the 76th minute to make the final score of 0 - 5.  This match was much closer than the final score especially before the penalty kicks and red card.  The 2017 record for the Mustangs falls to 1 - 2 - 0.

Mustang Man of the Match: Colton Harrison - he continued to play hard regardless of the score and showed a lot of pride for the Red, Black and White.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 7, SLCC 19; Assists - WWCC 0, SLCC 3; Saves - WWCC 8, SLCC 1; Corner Kicks - WWCC 3, SLCC 7; Free Kicks - WWCC 14, SLCC 26; Cards - WWCC 4, SLCC 2.

Up Next for the Mustangs; Tuesday September 5th versus Snow College at 7pm in Green River WY - Wolves Stadium (350 Monroe Avenue)