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Monday, October 16, 2017

2017 Region IX Men's Soccer Tournament Matchups

Match #1
#1 North – Western Wyoming CC
#4 South – Northeastern JC
@ Rock Springs WY (10/21)

Match #2
#3 North – Northwest College
#2 South – Western Nebraska CC
@ Scottsbluff NE (10/21)

Match #3
#3 South – Otero JC
#2 North – Sheridan College
@ Sheridan WY (10/21)

Match #4
#4 North – LCCC
#1 South – Trinidad State JC
@ Trinidad CO (10/21)

Match #5 - Semifinal #1
Winner of Match #1
Winner of Match #2
@ Denver CO (10/27)

Match #6 - Semifinal #2
Winner of Match #3
Winner of Match #4
@ Denver CO (10/27)

Match #7 - Final
Semifinal Winner
Semifinal Winner
@ Denver CO (10/28)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mustangs Blown Away at Otero

On Saturday the Mustangs continued their Southern Colorado road trip in La Junta Co playing against the Rattlers of Otero Junior College.

As it was the last match of the regular season before the Mustangs hosted the #4 team from the south, Western was hoping to build some momentum with a win.  A crucial factor again in the match was the coin toss.  WWCC lost the coin toss and had to defend with a 30 plus constant win in their face for the first 45 minutes.  The Mustangs could not do much more than defend against a good opponent and the strong wind.  OJC did a good job of taking advantage of the wind and scored 2 goals in the first half.  The Rattler goals came in the 10th and 21st, the score at intermission was OJC 2 and WWCC 0.

Perhaps the dying wind now at their backs gave WWCC too much confidence for the final half, the Rattlers were able to find a nice counter attack and extend their lead to 3 goals when they scored in the 48th minute.  Western scored a goal from a penalty kick from Ramon Aparicio in the 58th minute.  The Mustangs threw everything that they could at the OJC defense but could not produce another goal.  The Rattlers scored two more goals, including one in the closing seconds of the match for a 5 to 1 win for Otero.  Dropping the match makes the record for the Mustangs be 7 – 11 – 1.

Mustang Man of the Match – Ramon Aparicio – for his penalty kick goal and stepping up in the midfield during the weekend in the absence of 2 starters.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 9, OJC 18; Assists - WWCC 0, OJC 3; Saves - WWCC 6, OJC 5; Corner Kicks - WWCC 4, OJC 8; Free Kicks - WWCC 13, OJC 9; Cards - WWCC 2, OJC 3.

Up Next for the Mustangs – Saturday October 21st – #4 Region IX South (TBA) – Rock Springs WY – Rock Springs Junior High

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Chances But No Goals versus Trinidad

On Friday in Trinidad Colorado the Mustangs from Western Wyoming Community College faced off with the current #1 seed for the Region IX South in Trinidad State Trojans.

The Mustangs came out like gangbusters creating several early opportunities in front of the Trojan goal.  Josh Abplanalp’s speed, Briston Lowell’s passing and the midfield’s quick counter attacking passes created most of the early chances for the Mustangs.  Sadly for WWCC none of these chances resulted in a goal.  In the 33rd minute of the match some bad luck hit Western as a ball was deflected off of a defender for an own goal.  The halftime score was TSJC 1 and WWCC 0.

In the second half the story of missed chances and opportunities again emerged for the Mustangs.  Camen Gray had a beautiful chance that beat the keeper but hit the post.  TSJC added a second goal in the 56th minute.  Despite a change in formation and tactics the Mustangs could not break the bad luck for the Mustangs in front of goal.  The match would end in a 2 to 0 victory for the Trojans.  With the road loss the 2017 Mustang record is now 7 – 10 – 1.

Mustang Man of the Match – Joe Venhaus for a great game, having 6 saves and only allowing TSJC (a great offensive team) one true goal.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 7, TSJC 20; Assists - WWCC 0, TSJC 0; Saves - WWCC 6, TSJC 4; Corner Kicks - WWCC 5, TSJC 6; Free Kicks - WWCC 13, TSJC 11; Cards - WWCC 1, TSJC 1.
Up Next for the Mustangs – Saturday October 14th at La Junta CO versus Otero Junior College – regular season finale

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Victory with Two Late Goals for Western

On Wednesday the Mustangs hosted the Trappers of Northwest College at Rock Springs High School.  The Mustangs were looking to win all of their Region IX North home matches.  More importantly if the Mustangs could win the match they would wrap up the Region IX North regular season Championship.

Northwest scored first in the 11th minute to take a lead in the match.  Western answered quickly in the 14th minute when Carlos Gonzalez hit a shot in the top of the goal from a Colton Harrison cross and a Javier Arvayo redirection.  It was a hard fight first half and the score at the break was 1 to 1.

Northwest also scored first in the second half in the 78th minute.  When it looked like the Trappers might sneak out of Rock Springs with a win, Western scored a match tying goal in the 87th minute.  The tying goal came from a Danny Becerra free kick which was headed and knocked over the Northwest keeper by Josh Abplanalp.  The Mustangs had been playing very well leading up to the goal so a quick decision was made to continue with their current formation and player positions.  Just one minute later the Mustangs scored again.  Again it was a header goal, this time from Colton Harrison.  The assist on the third Mustang goal was from Jesse Lopez.  WWCC did a marvelous job of keeping Northwest as far away for the Mustang goal in the last 2 minutes of play and Western came from behind for a 3 to 2 win.  The win improves the Mustang record to 7 - 9 - 1, but most importantly the Mustangs 2017 Region IX North Record will stand at 5 - 2 - 1.  The victory ensure a home playoff match for Western, the 4th year in a row (the only team in Region IX North to accomplish this feat).  It also means that the 2017 WWCC Mustangs will ever be known as the Region IX North Champions.

Mustang Man of the Match: Colton Harrison for his first assist but most importantly for the match winning goal.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 8, NWC 14; Assists - WWCC 4, NWC 2; Saves - WWCC 3, NWC 4; Corner Kicks - WWCC 3, NWC 6; Free Kicks - WWCC 10, NWC 8; Cards - WWCC 2, NWC 1.

Up Next for the Mustangs; Friday October 13th vs Trinidad State Junior College in Trinidad CO.

The 2017 Sophomores - Sophomore Recognition

#4 - Josh Abplanalp

#5 - Mike Wolken

#7 - Zac Roper

#9 - Briston Lowell

#10 - Carlos Gonzalez

#12 - Camen Gray

#18 - Matthew Ochoa

#19 - Danny Becerra

2017 Sophomores

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Cougars Score in OT to defeat WWCC Mustangs

On Saturday the Mustangs played in Scottsbluff NE against the Western Nebraska CC Cougars. Both teams are currently towards the top of their Region IX Sub regions - with WWCC in the north and WNCC in the south.

Briston Lowell started the scoring in the 41st minute when he broke free from his mark and headed in a corner kick, assisted by Gary Lopez.  Western Wyo did a great job again against the high powered WNCC team in slowing down their attack.  Daniel Pelayo got the start for the Mustangs as keeper and played the entire match.

In the second half the Cougars slipped a couple of balls past the back line of the Mustangs and created chances, with Western NE scoring in the 69th and 75th minutes to take a 2 to 1 lead with 15 minutes remaining.  Just four minutes after WNCC took the lead Western Wyo tied it up.  The tying goal came from a Gary Lopez assist to Josh Abplanalp who perfectly placed the ball into the net from about 19 yards out.  The remainder of regulation was a bunch of close calls for both teams.  But after 90 minutes the score was tied and the two teams headed to an overtime period.

WWCC lost the coin toss and had to again fight the wind in the 1st half of overtime after fighting it all throughout the second half.  The Cougars did not waste time and scored in the 1st minute of overtime catching the Mustang defense in transition.  NJCAA overtime matches end when a goal is scored.  So, the WNCC goal was all that was needed for the victory.  The final score was Cougars 3 and Mustangs 2.  The 2017 overall record for the Mustangs falls to 6 - 9 - 1.

Mustang Man of the Match: Gary Lopez - for his two assists on the day and great defensive mid play

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 9, WNCC 14; Assists - WWCC 2, WNCC 3; Saves - WWCC 3, WNCC 3; Corner Kicks - WWCC 6, WNCC 4; Free Kicks - WWCC 9, WNCC 6; Cards - WWCC 1, WNCC 2.

Up Next for the Mustangs; Wednesday October 11th vs Northwest College in Rock Springs WY at Rock Springs High - Region IX North match - Sophomore Recognition

Saturday, October 7, 2017

NJC Scores Often Late to Win vs WWCC

On Friday the Mustangs again traveled east down I-80, this time to play the Plainsmen of Northeastern Junior College in Sterling CO.

WWCC did a good job of holding off the initial attack of NJC, as the Plainsmen really try to find a goal in the first 10 minutes of a match.  Sadly for WWCC, the Plainsmen found the opening goal in the 20th minute.  The score would remain 1 to 0 for NJC for the rest of the first hafl with the Mustangs facing a strong wind again.

In the second half the adjustments made seemed to pay off as WWCC scored on a free kick in the 65th minute.  Danny Becerra sent in the free kick and Javier Arvayo headed in the goal to bring the match tied with 25 minutes remaining.  NJC really pushed the issue offensively in the last part of the second half.  The Mustangs had some misjudgements on the NJC balls played long into their attack and the result was opportunities for the Plainsmen.  In a horrid 7 minute stretch NJC scored three goals (75:00, 78:00 & 82:00) to put away the Mustangs for the match with a 4 to 1 score in favor of NJC.  The overall record for the Mustangs is now 6 - 8 - 1.

Mustang Man of the Match: Mike Wolken - it was good to have Mike's speed, humor and leadership back for WWCC.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 6, NJC 22; Assists - WWCC 1, NJC 4; Saves - WWCC 9, NJC 3; Corner Kicks - WWCC 2, NJC 8; Free Kicks - WWCC 15, NJC 10; Cards - WWCC 1, NJC 0.

Up Next for the Mustangs; Saturday October 7th vs Western Nebraska CC in Scottsbluff NE